Practical and legal issues that arise for employers on a resignation include: the employee's notice period, restrictive covenants, garden leave, accrued but untaken annual leave, recruitment of a replacement, and arranging a handover.

Employers should measure their labour turnover (the outflow of people from an organisation) to ensure that it has an acceptable resignation rate. Employers should analyse any underlying or recurring reasons for staff departures.


How to get the most out of good leaver/bad leaver provisions

12 Jun 2015

Kate Schmit and Nicholas Atkins look at the use of good leaver/bad leaver provisions to incentivise employees, and suggest that...

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30 Jun 2014

When called on to implement HR processes that come up on a regular basis, some HR professionals might feel they know what to do off by heart; however, other, less familiar processes might cause a bit more head scratching...

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Dealing with a heat of the moment resignation

31 Jan 2014

Heated discussions, frank exchanges of views and what can best be described as "major bust-ups" can happen in even the...

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