EY Global Assurance: How automation changes the way we hire and train people

8 Nov 2017

Research suggests thousands of jobs could be lost to automation in the not too distant future. But EY Global Assurance...

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HR Tech World Amsterdam: Discover the future world of work

3 Oct 2017

Arianna Huffington leads a stellar line-up of speakers at the upcoming HR Tech World conference in Amsterdam this October.


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The Taylor Review was right about digital skills

19 Jul 2017

The publication of the Taylor Review into modern employment practices last week called for higher quality jobs. But how we...

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The future of HR: Embrace technology, but stay human

10 May 2017

Balancing HR technology with a commitment to doing good for society is critical to the future of HR. Michael Carty...

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Why the right digital strategy can drive human capital management

25 Apr 2017

Dealing with disparate systems can become a hurdle for HR when trying to drive value from human capital management systems....

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Automatic for the people: how HR brings robots and humans together

13 Apr 2017

There have been numerous predictions about the impact of automation on certain jobs, but it need not all be bad...

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Artificial intelligence and HR tech grow in importance, Harvey Nash finds

26 Jan 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will have a major impact on HR and employment over the next five years, according...

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Robots vs humans? AI and the future of the workplace

22 Nov 2016

As more work becomes automated, jobs will be lost but also created. How can HR respond to the changes in...

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Putting people at the centre of a digital world

10 Oct 2016

PROMOTED | We are living through the digital equivalent of the industrial revolution. What the exact impact of this will...

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Fewer migrant workers to mean greater automation, argues thinktank

4 Jul 2016

Industries that rely heavily on EU migrant labour could be prime candidates for automation, a report by thinktank the Resolution...

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Artificial intelligence: HR’s role in the robot takeover

8 Oct 2015

As research predict that as many as one-third of roles could be taken over by technology, how does this change...

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Man versus machine: how to handle resistance to technological change

2 Dec 2014

With some employees in China smashing machines over concerns that their jobs are being replaced, Virginia Matthews asks: are we...

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Scottish hospital to use robots for day-to-day tasks

18 Jun 2010

A new Scottish hospital is to be the first in the UK to use robots for day-to-day tasks. Forth Valley...

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Screening could lead to future workforce of ‘fit, young robots’

1 Aug 2000

Genetic testing should not be condoned, a leading OH adviser has warned

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