Fewer migrant workers to mean greater automation, argues thinktank

4 Jul 2016

Industries that rely heavily on EU migrant labour could be prime candidates for automation, a report by thinktank the Resolution...

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Artificial intelligence: HR’s role in the robot takeover

8 Oct 2015

As research predict that as many as one-third of roles could be taken over by technology, how does this change...

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Man versus machine: how to handle resistance to technological change

2 Dec 2014

With some employees in China smashing machines over concerns that their jobs are being replaced, Virginia Matthews asks: are we...

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Scottish hospital to use robots for day-to-day tasks

18 Jun 2010

A new Scottish hospital is to be the first in the UK to use robots for day-to-day tasks. Forth Valley...

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Screening could lead to future workforce of ‘fit, young robots’

1 Aug 2000

Genetic testing should not be condoned, a leading OH adviser has warned

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