Performance-related pay

Pay: Why companies need to figure out what’s “fair”

The introduction of pay ratio disclosures, further likely regulation on the remit of remuneration committees, and stakeholder voice within the...

Senior leaders score badly in people management

22 Jun 2017

UK employees give their senior leadership low marks on key aspects of people management, such as developing future leaders, gaining...

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Is legislation the answer to fat cat bonuses and poor corporate governance?

27 Jan 2017

With employee representation off the agenda, should the Government bring in new corporate governance regulations to make executive pay fairer...

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Are bonuses becoming more like a service charge than a tip?

10 Jan 2017

As the bonus season begins, Gerry O’Neill looks at whether the annual “incentive” has become less of a discretionary gratuity...

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Top bosses earn more than average UK salary by first week of the year

4 Jan 2017

Some top executives earn more than £1,000 an hour and will have made more money by the first Wednesday of...

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Four ways to perfect your performance-related pay scheme

7 Sep 2016

Almost a quarter of pay awards each year are based on a measure of employee performance. Sheila Attwood looks at...

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The 2015 HR quiz of the year

16 Dec 2015

All up to date with employment law? Have your finger on the pulse of best HR practice? Then take our...

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Employment law in Chile: Seven interesting facts

2 Jul 2015

Chile is host to many multinational businesses, and has one of the highest rates of working hours in the world....

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Antony Jenkins performance-bonus

Performance bonuses: who truly deserves them?

19 Mar 2015

As Barclays CEO Antony Jenkins takes his first annual bonus since joining the bank in August 2012, despite a legacy...

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Linking pay and performance

Linking pay and performance is top reward priority for 2015

23 Feb 2015

Just over half (50.6%) of organisations have put increasing the link between pay and performance as a priority for their...

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Government retreat on bankers’ bonus cap challenge. REX/Tolga Akmen/LNP

Government retreat on bankers’ bonus cap challenge

21 Nov 2014

Chancellor George Osborne has conceded defeat in the UK’s efforts to overturn the EU cap on bankers’ bonuses, following a...

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ECJ holiday pay decision

How much could the ECJ judgment on holiday pay cost your organisation?

28 May 2014

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) handed down a landmark judgment last week when it decided that holiday pay must...

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Holiday pay

Calculating holiday pay: commission can no longer be discounted

28 May 2014

Consultant editor Darren Newman explains the potentially costly implications of a recent ruling on calculating holiday pay where workers receive...

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Teaching union condemns performance-related pay proposals

1 May 2012

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) has described plans to pay teachers on results as “total nonsense”, following the release of...

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Performance-related pay awards too small to motivate staff

2 Sep 2011

Employers are failing to make effective use of performance-related pay by offering awards that are too small to motivate staff,...

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