News: AlgoMe Career Satisfaction Benchmark Report 2017 – asset management industry pulse check

AlgoMe Career Satisfaction Benchmark Report 2017 launches today
Over half the workforce already planning their next move and over 86% see mentoring as key to career success

London – November 29, 2017: AlgoMe, the innovative London-based start-up using intelligent technology for career development and job placement, has released the AlgoMe Career Satisfaction Benchmark Report 2017 today which is available free online.

The report is a pulse check for the asset management, fintech and wider financial services industry when it comes to working goals, ideals and motivation. The survey looks at a number of key areas such as job satisfaction, work ideals vs work reality, key triggers for leaving. There are five key takes outs which give advice on how firms can seek to maximise employee retention, including why mentoring plays an important role in it.

Culture, values and quality of working environment rate among the three most important factors for job satisfaction. While good work life balance (49%), salary and benefits (47%) and flexibility (40%) were the most important features of working life, expectations failed to meet reality in all areas suggesting that high ideals are not always attainable. The results also revealed over 55% of people will start looking for a role in the coming year which indicates an industry at risk.

“The AlgoMe Career Satisfaction Benchmark Report 2017 proved what we’ve suspected – there are fundamental gaps in expectations of employees and what the reality delivers. This creates jeopardy on many levels. We’ve created some key take outs for the industry to overcome this – you can read them in the report.” Said Rob Carter, CEO of AlgoMe. “As expected, 86% believe mentoring is important to their careers – we believe this is a gap in the industry now. We are already facilitating mentoring online by providing a platform from which prospective mentors and mentees are matched and can interact to further develop their careers.”

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Notes to editors: About AlgoMe
AlgoMe is a new generation of company which empowers professionals so they can manage their careers through technology, data and industry insight. It is co-founded by CEO Rob Carter and COO Luuk Jacobs and based in the heart of the start-up community in East London, which helps AlgoMe bring creativity and innovation to its approach.

The Investment Management industry is changing and professionals are being forced to quickly adapt to new situations, technologies and requirements. This can be due to anything from innovation, the impact of new regulations or a personal desire for change. AlgoMe was set up to help professionals and companies overcome these challenges; both through matching the right people in the right roles and increasing collective understanding through collaboration, partnering and thought leadership.
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