Discriminating employers everywhere rejoice

Guru has long documented the inequality of life and the fact that some people will always be fat and some people will always be ginger. But the fact that former deputy PM Harriet ‘I’m not ginger’ Harman is getting in on the act is somewhat disturbing.

La Harwoman showed little of the equality she has previously promoted through her backing of the Equality Act by labelling Liberal turncoat Danny Alexander as a ginger rodent. Admittedly, the flame-haired MP displays all the personality of an orange muppet, but that’s no reason to attack the squirrel-like money grabber. Needless to say, Harriet had to apologise.

Of course, Yours Truly knows all about the trials of being labelled purely on the basis of colour, having reported on a survey highlighting the growth of ‘lookism’ in society way back in 2007 and things seem to be getting worse.

But in the interests of fairness and credibility, Guru suggets that Harriet Harman stops using the hair dye and opts for the natural (presumably gingerly grey look) if she is to be taken seriously as a campaigner for equality.

Having said that he recognises the good work a bit of judicious discrimination can do. After all, being ginger is a bit like being fat in that neither are protected by legislation. Tough news for tubby red heads, but then how else is the discriminating employer to choose between two equally qualified candidates. Why some fool might suggest ginger-only shortlists or something similar.

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