Chelmsford Star Co-Operative Society to implement Cloud Workforce Management from WorkPlace Systems to improve store productivity and efficiency

WorkPlace Systems plc has announced that Chelmsford Star Co-operative Society Limited will implement WorkPlace OnLine, a cloud-based staff Schedule and Attendance Management solution, to improve store productivity and efficiency.

Chelmsford Star chose WorkPlace OnLine after a discovery exercise demonstrated the potential to improve the allocation of staff hours across the working day and week. The Software as a Service (SaaS) Workforce Management (WFM) solution will enable Chelmsford Star to improve the accuracy of both planning and tracking staff hours across the 38 convenience stores, providing significant labor cost savings that will be re-invested in improving customer service and driving sales.

WorkPlace OnLine will be implemented quickly due to the service being provided over the internet and accessed via a web browser with no software being installed. As a true SaaS solution Chelmsford Star will benefit from reduced upfront costs and regular system updates and improvements. Initially Phase 1, which comprises of six stores, will be up and running in just four weeks. WorkPlace OnLine comprises of; Assisted Shift Planning, Schedule Management and Time & Attendance that will be supported by industry leading biometric registration devices.

“Workforce Management is high on the agenda for retailers,” said Barry Wood, Deputy CEO at Chelmsford. “WorkPlace OnLine gives us easy, cost-effective access to the technology and benefits.”

“We are delighted to be working with Chelmsford Star,” said Barney Quinn, CEO of WorkPlace Systems. “This implementation is another indication of how important SaaS Workforce Management is to Retailers that are looking to quickly improving store productivity and efficiency.”