Modern slavery

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 consolidates and codifies the law on modern slavery. The key provision in the Modern Slavery Act 2015 for UK employers is section 54, which requires large commercial organisations to prepare a slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year.

Worker exploitation commonplace in supermarket supply chains

Poor pay, exploitative working conditions and human rights abuses are commonplace in the supply chains for major supermarkets

safeguard against modern slavery

How HR can safeguard against modern slavery in supply chains

27 Aug 2019

With the Home Office suggesting that organisations should improve the effectiveness of their modern slavery policies, Lottie Galvin looks at...

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Employment law changes: 10 proposals in the pipeline for HR

2 Aug 2019

Amid all the political turmoil in July, employers will be forgiven for missing a flurry of proposed new employment laws...

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Single labour market body to enforce minimum wage and holiday rights

16 Jul 2019

The government has announced proposals for a single labour market enforcement body which will have powers to enforce minimum wage...

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Tougher modern slavery reporting requirements proposed

10 Jul 2019

Modern slavery reporting and enforcement will be given more teeth and extended to the public sector under new proposals.

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April 2019 employment law changes: Seven things for HR to do

18 Mar 2019

Every April, HR professionals are faced with a raft of amended employment laws and deadlines for their organisation to meet....

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New tech threatens global labour market improvements

15 Feb 2019

Emerging tech-driven business models are partly to blame for millions of people worldwide being forced to accept inadequate working conditions, according to research.

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Know everyone in your supply chain? Time to get compliant

31 Jan 2019

With two months to go until the deadline to publish a modern slavery statement, Craig Weston explains why larger businesses...

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Apple launches scheme to help human trafficking victims get jobs

15 Nov 2018

Apple plans to help human trafficking victims get jobs at its stores, after partnering with NGO the International Organization for...

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Top 10 HR questions October 2018: annual leave and sickness absence

2 Nov 2018

How should employers deal with annual leave entitlement for employees on long-term sick leave? This issue is dealt with in...

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Around 17,000 firms have not published modern slavery statements

19 Oct 2018

The Home Office is writing to the chief executives of around 17,000 organisations that have not yet published a modern...

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Migration experts highlight Brexit risks for low-skilled jobs

31 Aug 2018

A new study on how low-skilled roles will be filled in the UK after Brexit has warned that alternatives to...

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Construction firms ‘slack’ around modern slavery

15 May 2018

Hundreds and perhaps thousands of workers are at risk of exploitation on many of the UK’s most important infrastructure projects,...

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Top 10 HR questions October 2017: Modern slavery statements and GDPR

2 Nov 2017

The requirement for large employers to publish a slavery and human trafficking statement came into force in October 2015 and...

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Modern slavery statements: key updates for employers

18 Oct 2017

The Government has updated its guidance on the requirement for large commercial organisations to prepare a slavery and human trafficking...

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