Modern slavery

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 consolidates and codifies the law on modern slavery. The key provision in the Modern Slavery Act 2015 for UK employers is section 54, which requires large commercial organisations to prepare a slavery and human trafficking statement for each financial year.

Modern slavery statement registry launched

The Home Office has launched a central registry for modern slavery statements to enable scrutiny and improve transparency.

MPs ask Boohoo for evidence of progress on workers’ rights

5 Mar 2021

MPs want Boohoo to link its bonus scheme for senior executives to achievement of its pledges on workers’ rights.

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Employment law in limbo: Key proposals to resurrect in 2021

4 Feb 2021

Many proposed employment law changes that the government has put forward in the last few years have stalled, mainly as...

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Employment law: Seven key tasks for HR in 2021

11 Nov 2020

2020 was the year that HR was required to react to the unexpected, but it’s now time to plan for...

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MPs shine a light into dark corners of fashion supply chains

9 Nov 2020

The BEIS Committee is trying to gauge the potential use of forced labour in China in brands' supply chains. We report on the first evidence hearing.

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PwC to resign as Boohoo auditor after working conditions inquiry

19 Oct 2020

In the latest sign of growing fears among the large accountancy firms over reputational damage, PwC is set to resign as auditor of fashion retailer Boohoo.

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Garment workers ‘robbed’ of £27m in wages since July

12 Oct 2020

The government has been accused of inaction over alleged worker exploitation in textile factories that supply major clothing brands, with...

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Ten years of the Equality Act 2010: key cases for employers

1 Oct 2020

Ten years ago, the Equality Act 2010 consolidated discrimination laws into a single piece of legislation. We highlight 10 key...

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Boohoo’s board knew about poor workplace conditions

28 Sep 2020

Boohoo’s senior directors knew about ‘serious issues’ with workplace conditions at the company’s Leicester factories since at least last December, a review has concluded.

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Government to mandate areas modern slavery statements should cover

22 Sep 2020

Organisations will be required to regularly publish their modern slavery statements via a new government reporting service and must be...

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MPs to investigate UK firms’ links with Chinese exploitation of Uyghurs

18 Sep 2020

Clothing brands and government to be investigated by MPs over links with exploitation of oppressed people in China.

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Licensing could prevent fashion worker exploitation, ministers told

20 Jul 2020

Retailers, MPs, charities and campaign groups have urged the home secretary to take action on alleged worker exploitation in UK garment factories.

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Poor working conditions ‘afflict 10,000 people in Leicester’

13 Jul 2020

Illegally low pay and dilapidated conditions blight thousands of workers in Leicester, it is alleged.

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Matthew Taylor: Covid-19 increases temptation of non-compliance

9 Jul 2020

The coronavirus pandemic will make more people in urgent need of work and more employers desperate to stay in business,...

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Boohoo to investigate ‘unsafe’ conditions at Leicester factory

8 Jul 2020

Low-cost fashion retailer Boohoo has promised to investigate workers’ pay and conditions at a Leicester factory.

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