Job evaluation

Job evaluation is the assessment of the content of a job by reference to its core components, such as skill, effort and responsibility, for the purpose of placing jobs in order of hierarchy.

Job evaluation establishes a basis for management, employees and trade unions to agree on the relative value of jobs to form the basis of career structures and to establish a fair pay system. The need for restructuring following a merger is a common reason for carrying out job evaluation, as job evaluation can provide a logical underpinning to the introduction of a single pay and grading structure.

Strategies for upskilling your workforce in a changing world (webinar)

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One in three employees say their job is ‘low quality’

4 Feb 2020

Research published today shows that 36% of UK employees report having a “low-quality” job.
Analysis of the Household Longitudinal Study...

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FSA finds HR seriously at fault over City recruitment

20 May 2009

The finance watchdog has exposed serious flaws in how City HR teams vet candidates for top banking jobs.Since December, the...

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Redundancy alternatives: a stay of execution

3 Feb 2009

Job losses continue to dominate the headlines as businesses scrabble to save money. But there are plenty of alternatives to...

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Free job evaluation guide from Acas to help employers avoid equal pay claims

2 Sep 2008

A guide to help employers reduce their exposure to equal pay claims when they evaluate jobs has been launched by...

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Work relationships mean more to employees than pay

4 Jun 2008

Pay is less important than relationships with colleagues and type of work in retaining staff, according to research released today.The...

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Top job – Jane Anderson

24 Sep 2007

Where did you work before and what were your duties? I was project managing Ministry of Defence bids at Babcock...

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Unison seeks national plan on staff moves in local authority reorganisation

7 Aug 2007

A national framework for staff being transferred to new employers is needed to support the government’s planned shake-up of local...

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Southampton City Council introduces 360 degree feedback through Bowland Solutions

12 Jul 2007

Bowland Solutions is to work with Southampton City Council (SCC) to implement a new on-line 360 degree feedback process in support of the...

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A little less conversation a little more action please: Leadership survey results

7 Nov 2006

Our 360-Degree Appraisal of HR revealed what your senior leaders thought about you. But what do you make of them? Karen Dempsey reports.

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Shipping industry to get HR and benchmarking club

10 Oct 2006

Major players in the shipping industry are forming an HR and benchmarking club intended to produce reliable salary and compensation...

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Boredom index puts HR just behind accountancy as exciting graduate career option

27 Jul 2006

Good news for HR as it gets labelled one of five least boring job options for graduates.

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Work Foundation survey shows that most people find work ‘stimulating and challenging’

19 Jul 2006

Meaningless jobs are a thing of the past for majority of UK's workers.

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Job Evaluation – a Guide to Achieving Equal Pay

29 Mar 2006

Job Evaluation – A Guide to Achieving Equal Pay
Authors: Michael Armstrong, Ann Cummins, Sue Hastings and Willie Wood

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Scots would take pay cut to work less hours

15 Aug 2005

One in three Scots employees would take a salary cut to reduce their working hours, according to new research

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