Organisation charts

It is common practice for employers to use some form of visualisation, such as organisational charts, to track how many people they are employing, what those employees are doing, and how workforces and teams are structured.

Tom Cruise visualises data in Minority Report Photo:Everett / REX_Shutterstock

Org charts through the ages: five inspirational workforce visualisations

Over recent years HR has been hit by a deluge of data. Here, Will Sheldon looks at how insights into...

Organisation charts: full steam ahead

26 Feb 2015

PROMOTED Information about employees, positions and organisation units – HR departments see the convergence of enormous data volumes...

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Dorset Police Select OrgPlus to Manage Organisation, Calculating ROI in Less than Twelve Months

18 Jun 2010

HumanConcepts, the leading provider of workforce decision support solutions, today announced that Dorset Police has implemented OrgPlus to help its...

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Cogmap releases private organisation charting

13 Mar 2008

Cogmap offers free online organization charting with private sharing capabilities.Cogmap, the organization chart wiki, vaults from offering a public facing...

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