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What has The Apprentice taught us: The differences – or not – between men and women

There’s a widely held belief that men and women have different and complimentary personality traits and abilities. Women are more social, more group-oriented, more empathetic and more caring. Men, on the other hand, so this belief goes, are more task-focused, more single minded and more analytical. By having teams of men and women therefore you […]
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What does The Apprentice teach us? Performance is now the same as potential

No Apprentice league table for this series, I have to report, due to the change in the format making it an extended version of Dragon’s Den. The strength of the earlier series was its transparency – everyone could see how the candidates were performing and as a result could make a stab at predicting the […]
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The Apprentice Week 12: Ricky is the deserved winner but what else did we learn?

Congratulations to Ricky Martin for his victory in the Apprentice. Below I pick out some of the reasons he won as well as some other lessons from the series. Getting the job done is only one factor in being a good leader We have seen a variety of leadership styles this series: from dictatorial to […]
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The Apprentice Week 11: Emphasis on boardroom battles brings out the worst in people

Thanks for nothing BAFTA. By awarding the prize for best reality show to the Young Apprentice you’ve practically guaranteed another dose of this increasingly tiresome competition. The decline of the programme was evident before the Young Apprentice aired but that series was the most cynical. When Lord Sugar summarily dismissed the whole of the losing […]
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The Apprentice Week 10: Gabrielle goes, along with the programme’s credibility

At the end of each football season the most commonly heard cliché is “the table never lies”. If only it were true for the Apprentice. This week Gabrielle, our leader for many weeks, was sent home from the boardroom. She was fired along with Stephen, the project manager in a task to find deals for […]
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The Apprentice Week 9: Bubble is burst for Jenna

Selective amnesia doesn’t just affect media moguls – returning to the Apprentice after a four-week break I found that I’d forgotten all but a few of this less than vintage bunch. One pleasant surprise was the way Ricky has developed. As project leader, to market English sparkling wine, he was very unlucky to find himself […]
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The Apprentice Week 8: Tom makes arrogance an art form as Laura leaves

So last night was the ‘gallery’ episode, giving the Apprentice candidates the opportunity to buy and sell urban art. Laura was fired, which is pretty much all there is to say about her performance – last night she seemed uncertain, uninvolved and lacking any sense of the enthusiasm we saw earlier in the series.  No, […]
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The Apprentice Week 7: Narrow escape for Jade as Azhar fails to influence

There have been some phenomenally successful retail strategies in the past century. Jack Cohen’s “pile ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap” strategy is a classic example that helped turned his Hackney market stall in 1919 into the world’s second most profitable retailer – Tesco. In contrast, Jade’s complete lack of strategy was clearly the downfall […]
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The Apprentice Week 6: Katie Wright gets it wrong

This series of the Apprentice is turning into the series of thinking errors. We have seen a lack of creative thinking across the teams (need I mention the tap-cosy in episode 2?). Last week we were witness to a range of decision-making errors and this week a clutch of strategic errors were the downfall of […]
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Duane’s departure and the Dragons’ Den factor

Travelling commitments meant that I missed last week’s Apprentice episode and will mean I won’t be able to see the next two either (although a colleague will be writing the blog in my place). I was suitably surprised to learn, though, that our early table topper, Duane, had been shown the finger by his Lordship.  […]
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