Shared parental leave: Will the pandemic increase childcare equality?

Six years since the introduction of shared parental leave and take-up is still just 2%. Will the pandemic bring about...

Workers seek vaccine before return to work

Almost three-quarters of workers in the UK would feel more comfortable returning to work if others around them are vaccinated...

Crunch time for British Gas engineers to agree new contract terms

Today is the final day that British Gas engineers can agree to new terms and conditions or face dismissal.

Sustainability ‘should be factored into remote working decisions’

Employers must factor environmental impact into their decisions around hybrid working and should be aware that working from home may...

Asda to cut store bakery roles

Asda is expected to cut hundreds of jobs in its store bakeries in response to changing consumer habits.

Covid-19: Parent fairly dismissed after refusing return to work

As employment tribunals begin hearing claims relating to the coronavirus lockdown, Jo Moseley examines the case of an employee who...

Ramadan in the workplace: top tips for employers

For many Muslims, Ramadan is a period of religious observance, which includes fasting from sunrise to sunset. Ashok Kanani provides...

Give remote workers right to disconnect, urges union

According to Prospect, two-thirds of remote workers want to see a new “right to disconnect” enshrined in law.

Babcock International to cull 1,000 jobs

Defence contractor Babcock International is to cut 1,000 jobs in order to improve efficiency and reduce 'siloed' working.

Matthew Taylor to lead NHS Confederation

Matthew Taylor has been appointed chief executive of the NHS Confederation.
Taylor will join the membership body for NHS organisations...

Goldman Sachs commits to office return with new Birmingham hub

Goldman Sachs is to open a new office in Birmingham this year, which will initially serve as a tech hub.

Hancock met Greensill over NHS salary advance scheme

Health secretary was lobbied by David Cameron and financier Lex Greensill to introduce earned wage access scheme in NHS, it has emerged.

Unemployment among young black workers more than 40%

Unemployment among young black workers is three times worse than for white workers of the same age, according to analysis...

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