Labour would retain freedom of movement for NHS staff

A Labour government, post-Brexit, would retain freedom of movement from the EU for NHS medical professionals, shadow health secretary Jonathan...

IR35 will lead to temp talent drain, survey claims

Three-fifths of employers are concerned they will miss out on temporary talent when the IR35 off-payroll rules are extended to...

Half of all FTSE 100 executive hires must be women to meet target

One in every two FTSE 100 executive appointments over the next year will have to go to a woman if...


Personnel Today Awards 2019 shortlist: Sustainable Business Award

This new category for 2019 recognises employers that have sustainability at the heart of their organisations, whether that has meant...

General election 2019: when politics and work mix

How can employers prevent employees from electioneering at work? Should the workforce be banned from highlighting their political allegiances in...

Labour proposes free retraining to tackle ‘skills crisis’

Labour will provide free lifelong retraining for all if it gets into power in next month’s general election.
It pledged...


Architects form union to tackle culture of poor workplace practice

A union has been formed specifically to represent architects who, say its founders, work in an industry awash with poor workplace practice.

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Women demand new Equal Pay Act to enforce transparency

Equal pay campaign to demand new legislation, backed by leading women from all sectors, kicks off this Thursday.

Real pay growth in Europe lagging far behind Asia

Real salary growth across Europe is expected to slow in 2020, with wage increases lagging far behind pay awards seen...

Living Wage increases to benefit 210,000 workers

The Living Wage has announced its new rates with the headline figure for outside London rising to £9.30, an increase of 3.33%...

Executives lose wrongful dismissal claim over WhatsApp porn

Two men sacked after sharing offensive material on WhatsApp lose their £300,000 claim against their former employer for wrongful dismissal.

Lib Dems pledge £10,000 ‘skills wallet’ for all adults

The Liberal Democrats have proposed a £10,000 “skills wallet” for all adults to help fund learning and training over the...

Remote workers ‘should spend at least two days in office’

A study finds that while remote working is linked to positive wellbeing, it has little effect on stress and productivity.


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