Employers must ensure that individuals who are recruited have the legal right to work in the UK. Employers cannot employ an individual who is subject to immigration control and who has not been granted leave to enter or remain in the UK, or does not have permission to work in the UK.

All potential employees are required to provide evidence of entitlement to work in the UK. Requests for documentation should therefore be applied to all potential employees, not just those coming from abroad.

Employers are liable for fines for negligently employing illegal workers and can be prosecuted under the criminal offence of knowingly employing illegal workers.

EU expansion attracts 91,000 workers from new member states in five months

10 Nov 2004

Nearly 91,000 people from the new member states of the European Union registered to work in Britain in the first...

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Government must not restrict supply of legitimate migrant workers

10 Nov 2004

The initial success of the Government’s worker registration scheme to combat illegal migrant workers is welcome, but the Government should...

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Migrant workers flock to rural areas of the UK

9 Nov 2004

Small town and rural Britain is being propped up by migrant workers from Eastern Europe. This is in stark contrast...

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Employers invest in learning to keep staff interested

13 Oct 2004

Rather than offer higher wages, employers are opting to invest in the learning and development of their staff to hang...

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A happy union?

1 May 2004

Nationals from eight of the 10 accession countries that joined the European Union this month will be entitled to work...

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