Making meaningful change for dyslexic employees

This Dyslexia Awareness Week, employers should turn their attention to becoming more inclusive of dyslexic staff.

Supporting neurodivergent staff in the post-lockdown workplace

31 Jul 2020

Matthew Trerise and Angela Armstrong discuss the challenges neurodivergent people may experience when returning to the workplace post-lockdown, with practical...

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Neurodiversity: the impact of lockdown and social isolation

4 May 2020

Many of us are neurodivergent and HR always has to be aware of mental pressures people are being put under...

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Neurodiversity: how Direct Line Group is putting theory into practice

6 Apr 2020

Employers have now woken up to the value that people with neurodivergent characteristics like autism and dyspraxia can bring, but...

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Why a promotion can be a nightmare for the neurodiverse

13 Feb 2020

The transition into a management role can be a stressful time for a neurodiverse employee, especially if the cognitive abilities...

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‘Anti-IQ’ slurs: Why HR should be mindful of intelligence-related bullying

13 Jan 2020

Terms like “nerd” and “geek” may not seem as harmful as racial or homophobic slurs, but a senior academic last...

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Civil service needs ‘weirdos’ and HR ‘a bonfire’, says PM’s senior adviser

3 Jan 2020

Downing Street wants to hire “weirdos and misfits with odd skills” to help Boris Johnson’s new government, says Dominic Cummings.

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line manager meetings

Third of managers do not follow up meeting action points

6 Aug 2019

A third of managers could be “devaluing” the regular one-to-one check-ins they have with their staff by not following up...

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Culture shift needed to tackle discrimination against visibly-different staff

23 May 2019

A significant culture shift, driven by leadership teams, is needed to tackle...

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npower autism discrimination

Npower discriminated against autistic worker

21 May 2019

A former Npower employee with autism has won a claim for indirect discrimination after the company failed to make adjustments...

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Neurodiversity and performance: what employers need to know

7 May 2019

Employers are waking up to the benefits of a neurodiverse workforce. But when it comes to performance management processes, new strategies will be needed

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Neurodiversity: Creating a supportive working environment

29 Mar 2019

Ahead of World Autism Awareness Week, employers should be thinking about creating an inclusive and supportive working environment for neurodiverse...

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TUC and GMB ‘passports’ to boost disabled people in work

25 Feb 2019

The TUC and the GMB union have launched an effort to prevent disabled people from leaving their jobs because of...

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Small adjustments in the workplace can help employees with autism.

Making the invisible visible – supporting neurodiversity in the workplace

1 Feb 2019

Neurodiversity in the workplace – workers with autism, Asperger’s, dyslexia and other “invisible” neurological disabilities – was the subject of...

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Employers urged to reveal number of disabled staff

23 Nov 2018

Large employers are being urged to take an “honest look” at how many disabled people they employ by publicising their...

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