Occupational psychology

Occupational psychology is the study of human behaviour in the workplace. Occupational psychology is particularly associated with: employers’ recruitment selection methods (for example, selecting someone who is the right psychological fit for the job); improving productivity (for example, staff motivation); and employees coping with stress.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Fit for what purpose?

17 Apr 2007

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is widely used in training and L&D. But how appropriately?

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Transatlantic Olympic gold-medal rower James Cracknell reveals hidden depths explaining importance of mental strength to Personnel Today HR Directors Club briefing

17 Nov 2006

Rowing across the Atlantic pushed Olympic gold medal-winning rower James Cracknell to draw on reserves of mental strength he never...

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Boredom index puts HR just behind accountancy as exciting graduate career option

27 Jul 2006

Good news for HR as it gets labelled one of five least boring job options for graduates.

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Work Foundation survey shows that most people find work ‘stimulating and challenging’

19 Jul 2006

Meaningless jobs are a thing of the past for majority of UK's workers.

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Employers failing to engage employees with organisational goals

19 Jun 2006

Public sector employees are least engaged.

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Confidence on the couch

7 Feb 2006

Cognitive behavioural therapy is well established in psychotherapy circles, but it can also be used to great effect in the workplace, as Sally O'Reilly finds out

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Singing sandwich makes for festive feast

8 Dec 2005

Tesco introduces musical sandwich to brighten up desk-bound lunches.

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The gremlins of self-doubt

27 Sep 2005

The nation chewed its collective fingernails watching England win the recent Ashes series. But how did the players prevent the gremlins of self doubt setting in?

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Managing stress is the key to success

30 Aug 2005

Stress management is the key to business success according to a survey of managers.

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Motivational veg fails to have the desired effect

23 Aug 2005

Trade unions in Scotland are demanding an inquiry after managers at HBOS bank tried to motivate two employees by leaving...

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Public declaration of pride in private sector companies

3 Aug 2005

Private sector workers have a greater sense of pride in their workplace and its management.

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Employee Advisory Resource offers advice on dealing with trauma

8 Jul 2005

Employers offered advice on dealing with post-terror attack trauma at work.

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Dress-down days push up productivity

7 Jul 2005

Nearly three-quarters of employers are seeing the benefits of dress-down days in the workplace.

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Execs consider nip and tuck to improve career prospects

1 Jun 2005

More than one-in-four women executives would consider cosmetic surgery to improve their career prospects, according to a survey.

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Navy pays for cosmetic breast operations

22 Dec 2004

Two sailors, one male and one female, have had cosmetic breast surgery at the Navy's expense

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