Employee engagement

Employee engagement is vital because how employees behave will have an impact on the employer’s success. Employers should take steps to harness the creativity, commitment, passion, capability and energy of their workforce.

A typical way to measure employee engagement is to conduct a staff engagement survey, which can provide organisations with employee feedback to help them to identify where they are maximising employee potential and where attention is needed to improve staff motivation, productivity and retention.

We’ll have to accept a level of risk to get back to the workplace

1 Jun 2020

Firms need to assess and communicate risk and emphasise the benefits of the workplace ahead of reopening.

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Personnel Today Awards 2020: entry deadline extension available

29 May 2020

With just one week left until the original deadline, we announce that organisations can apply for a two-week extension to...

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Returning to work safely: your brand is at stake

28 May 2020

'We are seeing leaders rushing to get employees back into the office based on misguided notions that remote workers are less productive, less engaged and less cooperative.'

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Is coronavirus the ultimate test in ethical leadership for HR?

27 May 2020

Whether it’s furlough or free healthcare, companies’ actions during the coronavirus have come under greater scrutiny than ever. Will the...

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How will your star teams perform now they’re working alone?

14 May 2020

Your star performers, or ‘superchickens’, work better together. So how can organisations build social cohesion when everyone is working virtually,...

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HR Director of the Year Fiona Deal: coping with coronavirus through culture change

13 May 2020

We catch up with last year's winner in these unprecedented times...

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The tide turns for workplaces as lockdown eases

5 May 2020

Return to the workplace: should we expect 'normality' or do we stand on the brink of a new era?

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Productivity has not suffered due to coronavirus

5 May 2020

Employees have managed to remain productive in most organisations despite the challenges posed by coronavirus, according to a survey by...

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Post-lockdown: reintroducing employees to the workplace

4 May 2020

Gartner's Brian Kropp addresses key questions about the post-lockdown workplace environment - what will be the 'new normal'?

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Crisis then calm: How coronavirus is affecting the job of HR

29 Apr 2020

Few would argue that HR teams have not been busy since the coronavirus took hold some weeks ago, but how...

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Non-furloughed: What about the employees left behind?

24 Apr 2020

More than 1 million employees have been reported as furloughed under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. But there are many...

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WFH: Motivating call-centre staff through Covid-19

23 Apr 2020

Say “frontline” in the current climate of coronavirus and you think of health workers, supermarket staff or other workers providing...

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Keeping a global workforce engaged in times of crisis

22 Apr 2020

It’s been a challenge for HR professionals everywhere to get employees on board with new ways of working, but how...

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Employee sentiment rises across supermarket sector

16 Apr 2020

Despite the pressures of keeping food and essential supplies in stock and the risk of infection in public-facing roles, supermarkets’...

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Job postings fall by two thirds in some sectors

6 Apr 2020

Employee reviews reveal that most workers are unhappy with their employer's response to the coronavirus crisis.

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