Gender pay gap

Gender pay gap reporting legislation requires large employers to publish their overall mean and median gender pay gaps from 2018. Under the new laws, private and voluntary sector employers with 250 or more employees have to calculate their gender pay gap on 5 April each year, publishing their data on the Government’s gender pay gap reporting service by 4 April the following year. For public sector organisations, the snapshot date is 31 March, so the data has to be published no later than 30 March the following year.


Gender pay gap reporting: sharing is caring at Genesis Housing

2 Jun 2015

From next year, more than four decades after the 1970 Equal Pay Act became law, all employers with more than...

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Nick Clegg says the Government will vote through mandatory pay gap reporting this week. Photo: REX

Gender pay gap reporting to be required by 2016

9 Mar 2015

The Liberal Democrat party has succeeded in pushing through an amendment to the Small Business Bill which will require larger...

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Gender pay gap: Women’s pay slowly catching up

21 Nov 2014

The gender pay gap is closing, but earnings growth has yet to catch up with inflation, the latest wage data...

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