Benefits Overhaul 2012: Part 10 – Risk awareness on the rise

Are UK employers doing enough to keep their employee benefits schemes up to date and in line with the new...

Benefits Overhaul 2012: Part 9 – The appeal of modern benefits

3 Dec 2012

Retail vouchers, experience days, cycle-to-work schemes, iPads, free gym membership. The benefits market has devised numerous new perks in recent...

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Benefits Overhaul 2012: Part 8 – Age concerns

26 Oct 2012

People used to work beyond statutory retirement age because they enjoyed the purpose and social interaction of employment. Now they...

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Benefits Overhaul 2012: Part 7 – Healthy staff, healthy business

8 Oct 2012

Should employers support employee health beyond simply managing absence? Welfare reform and the sickness absence review have placed employers right...

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HR facts that all finance directors should know

4 Oct 2012

Finance directors always have an eye on the bottom line. But when it comes to cutting costs, the only HR...

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Benefits Overhaul 2012: Part 6 – Paternity gap

19 Sep 2012

The option to take additional paternity leave has not been taken up by as many fathers as was hoped, but...

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Benefits Overhaul 2012: Part 5 – Senior staff only?

1 Aug 2012

Many benefits are offered only to senior employees, but why? Extending certain perks to a wider audience can make HR...

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