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KPMG chair apologises for ‘stop moaning’ lockdown comment

Financial services employees were told to 'stop moaning' and 'playing the victim card' by Bill Michael, who has subsequently apologised.

Boohoo reveals bid to clean up supply chain to MPs

22 Dec 2020

Boohoo's founder tells MPs his fashion has stopped using 64 suppliers in Leicester since allegations over poor pay and conditions were made.

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Dyson staff unhappy over request to return to workplace

12 Nov 2020

Dyson staff in research and development have been told to return to the workplace despite some feeling they can carry out their work at home just as well.

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Rats and mice add to ‘return-to-the-office’ challenges

9 Jul 2020

Empty offices with snacks still left on desks and in drawers a magnet for rodents.

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The tide turns for workplaces as lockdown eases

5 May 2020

Return to the workplace: should we expect 'normality' or do we stand on the brink of a new era?

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McDonald's Easterbrook

McDonald’s CEO leaves firm after workplace romance

4 Nov 2019

Steve Easterbrook contravened company values with consensual romantic relationship with colleague.

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How courageous conversations can resolve workplace conflicts

25 Jun 2018

When I have a problem with a colleague, I know that the sensible thing to do is to get together as soon as possible and talk it through

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My mentor: Matthew Jeffery, global director of talent brand, EA

1 Jun 2010

My job requires quite a bit of blue-sky thinking – I am very much a creative individual – so I wanted someone...

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HR career issues: executive pay rises during redundancies

17 May 2010

Q How do I convince executive directors that awarding themselves pay rises when we have had to make a number...

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My best and worst decisions – Vicky Hemming, executive director, people and development, RNID

22 Apr 2010

Best decision After the birth of my second child, I decided to take a career break, and ended up staying...

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My mentor: Michael Ladd, HR manager, Adnams

19 Oct 2009

I’ve thought hard about both myself and about Adnams, and how we approach mentoring here.My issue with mentoring is that...

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My Mentor: Jo McCafferty, HR and EHS director, Penn Pharma

8 Oct 2009

Penn uses mentoring in what I believe is its true sense – as a form of training and learning, for...

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My best and worst decisions: Neil Morrison, group HR director, Random House Group

22 Sep 2009

Best decisionMy best business decision was moving to Random House Group in September 2008. I’ve never worked in the same...

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How I made a difference: Dominic Monkhouse, Managing director, PEER 1

8 Sep 2009

Having run a number of companies, all service businesses, I know that it’s a case of getting people to volunteer...

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Regional view: Glasgow

1 Sep 2009

After years of Glasgow’s attractions being something of a well-kept secret, the city is now being recognised as a great...

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