Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) often forms part of a settlement between an employer and an employee committing both parties to keep certain information confidential. It may, for example, restrict an employee from disclosing that a payment has been made on their departure, or stop an employer from sharing details of the former employee’s disciplinary record. Also known as confidentiality clauses, in 2018 NDAs hit the headlines when it emerged they had been used to stop former employees sharing details about being sexually harassed or racially abused. Read our latest coverage on NDAs, which are also used in employment contracts, on these pages.

Sir Philip Green named as businessman in sexual and racial harassment scandal

25 Oct 2018

Billionaire named as the man at the centre of the "British #MeToo" scandal...

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High number of non-disclosure agreements signed by TfL leavers

6 Aug 2018

More than 800 employees who left Transport for London in 2017-18 signed non-disclosure agreements, it has emerged, sparking sharp criticism

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Presidents Club dinner agency vows to improve working environment

31 Jul 2018

The agency that supplied female staff for the men-only Presidents Club dinner earlier this year has entered into a legal...

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Employers must do more to protect against sexual harassment at work, says committee

25 Jul 2018

Attempts to tackle sexual harassment in the workplace have been inadequate and there has been a “failure to tackle unlawful...

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Presidents Club scandal: Is there any value in non-disclosure agreements?

9 Feb 2018

Reports of sexual harassment at the recent Presidents Club charity dinner form part of a worrying trend of unwanted behaviour...

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