Vicarious liability

Vicarious liability is the liability of an employer for the acts of its employees. An employer can be liable for acts of employees carried out in the course of their employment which cause injuries to third parties or are discriminatory.

Recruitment agency held liable after MD punches colleague

A recruitment agency has been held vicariously liable for the actions of its managing director after he punched someone and...

Morrisons payroll data breach reaches Court of Appeal

9 Oct 2018

The class action case against Morrisons by staff who had their payroll data leaked online by a disgruntled employee has...

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Why boardrooms must get a grip on occupational fraud

25 Jul 2018

In light of the malicious payroll data breach at Morrisons carried out by a disgruntled employee in 2014, and more...

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Why the BHS v Burchell decision is still relevant 40 years on

21 Jun 2018

In 1978, in British Home Stores v Burchell, the Employment Appeal Tribunal outlined several factors that should be considered when...

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Morrisons case: employers’ responsibilities in preventing malicious data leaks

4 May 2018

With the GDPR now in force, employers could face eye-watering fines if they fail to protect their employees’ data. Katherine...

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Morrisons data breach sounds warning on vicarious liability

5 Jan 2018

In a recent case, Morrisons supermarket was found vicariously liable for a malicious data breach carried out by an employee...

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Christmas in the workplace: 10 common employer queries

6 Dec 2017

During the Christmas period employers face a minefield of HR challenges. How well prepared is your organisation for the festive...

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Vicarious liability: employers face big damages for employees’ actions

20 Sep 2017

Vicarious liability, where employers may be liable to pay damages for an employee’s or others’ actions, can result in high...

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Sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace: Uber media outcry alerts employers to cut the risk

30 Jun 2017

Sexual harassment in the workplace is in the spotlight after widespread publicity of claims by a former employee at technology...

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Morrisons vicariously liable for employee’s attack on customer

2 Mar 2016

The supermarket Morrisons is vicariously liable for the actions of an employee who seriously assaulted a customer, the Supreme Court...

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tupe transfers

Case shows risk of transferee liability for harassment occurring before TUPE transfers

29 Jan 2015

It is well known in employment law that transferee employers will inherit liability for the transferor’s acts and omissions in...

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Case of the week: Hayes (FC) v Willoughby

5 Jun 2013

Hayes (FC) v WilloughbyThis Supreme Court decision concerning a claim under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 was brought by...

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Legal implications of failing to train your staff

14 Apr 2010

A recent survey by the Royal College of Nursing found that a third of nurses, failing to receive necessary training...

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Employment law – 10 hazards to steer well clear of

22 May 2008

Most employers know their key legal obligations – from duty of care to staff to dismissal procedures.But it’s easy to...

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Legal Q&A: work-related social events

13 Dec 2007

Party with careQ Should we have written rules on work-related social events?A Make sure you provide clear written guidance to...

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