Evidence-based management

How to be an employer of choice in an increasingly competitive jobs market

10 Jul 2017

How do you make your business a place where the talent you crave wants to work? Claire McCartney examines recent...

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PPMA 2017: Leadership and evidence-based HR in the public sector

5 May 2017

Two themes dominated the Public Service People Managers’ Association (PPMA) annual seminar: leading change and the need for evidence-based HR...

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Five things top HR functions do to support world-class businesses

31 Jan 2017

What makes top-performing HR departments stand out from the rest? The Hackett Group’s HR practice leader for Europe, Dorothée El-Khoury,...

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“HR professionals are still the people who tell you that you can’t do something”

7 Sep 2016

Stephen Bevan answers questions on evidence-based HR, perverse performance management and how technology is changing work.

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HR – Separating facts from fads

7 Sep 2016

PROMOTED | HR and L&D professionals are increasingly at the heart of key decisions over resource and projects that...

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Building the business case for evidence-based mindfulness

3 Aug 2016

When considering offering mindfulness training to employees, it is important to do your research. Juliet Adams explains some of the...

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Fancy-dress days can create a sense of fun but how do they affect professionalism?

Play and professionalism at work: boosting engagement while maintaining standards

28 Jan 2016

ON DEMAND | If having more fun at work can help boost productivity, how can HR encourage the right amount of enjoyment in the organisation while maintaining professionalism?

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Evidence-based learning: it’s time to show what works

19 Jun 2015

For too long, learning and development (L&D) practitioners have claimed that what they do is too subjective to be measured....

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Why HR must be based on evidence, science and international standards

13 May 2013

In the second of a three-part series based on Professional HR: Evidence-Based People Management and Development, author and HR consultant...

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Using evidence-based management in employee wellbeing

1 Feb 2012

Wellbeing specialist Dr Bridget Juniper considers evidence-based management and the role it can play in developing an effective employee wellbeing...

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The Intelligent Company: Five steps to success with evidence-based management

1 Jun 2010

Author: Bernard MarrISBN: 0470685956Author Bernard Marr is, his book tells us, “a leading global authority and best-selling author on organisational...

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A question of evidence: behaviour-based interviews (VIDEO)

18 Feb 2010




Supplier selection

The course – delegates and content

The cost

A question of evidence: behaviour-based interviews...

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Evidence-based HR management is the only way forward

23 Apr 2008

For as long as I can remember – 30 years in HR – there have always been regular surveys and...

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Learning for life: evidence-based practice

1 Mar 2002

Life Long Learning and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are the
processes by which professionals, such as nurses, develop and improve...

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