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Stephen Simpson is a principal employment law editor at XpertHR. His areas of responsibility include the policies and documents and law reports. After obtaining a law degree and training to be a solicitor, he moved into publishing, initially with Butterworths. He joined XpertHR in its early days in 2001.

Christmas party punch-ups: were these fair dismissals?

6 Dec 2012

How would you deal with an employee who gets into a brawl with a colleague at the Christmas party, when...

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Equality Act 2010: what recommendations do tribunals make to employers that discriminate?

18 Jun 2012

The Government is proposing to repeal the provision in the Equality Act 2010 that gives employment tribunals the power to...

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Discrimination arising from disability under the Equality Act 2010: how are employers falling foul of the new provisions?

24 Apr 2012

How would you deal with an employee whose bad behaviour at work would normally justify disciplinary action, but whose actions...

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March 2012 employment law: what employers need to do

5 Mar 2012

March is always one of the busiest months for employers, with the regular round of April employment law changes fast...

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April 2011 employment law changes: eight things employers need to know

6 Apr 2011

Not exactly sure which legislation is being introduced this week? Personnel Today provides guidance for employers on the changes to...

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dual discrimination equality act 2010

Equality Act 2010: ten example dual discrimination scenarios

8 Sep 2010

The Equality Act 2010 allows for the introduction of the concept of dual discrimination, where an individual who believes that...

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Default retirement age: 10 things employers need to know

4 Aug 2010

The abolition of the default retirement age will have a huge impact on how employers operate their businesses. Although the DRA...

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Illegal workers: a major human resources priority

15 Feb 2008

The latest crackdown on rogue employers who knowingly recruit illegal migrant workers is sure to be a major priority for...

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