HR Know-How

Know how to identify the warning signs of stress

Mental health problems are on the increase, with research from Mind, the UK’s leading mental health charity, revealing that one...

Know how to move from the public to the private sector

13 Jul 2010

When George Osborne recently pledged to dramatically reduce the UK’s deficit within five years, he also announced the biggest cuts...

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Know how to get the most out of IT

14 Jun 2010

Organisations expect most of their employees to know the basics of IT, but anything beyond everyday tasks is generally seen...

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Know how to help staff with financial difficulties

18 May 2010

The helpline of debt charity Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) received more than 335,000 calls last year, and the charity,...

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Know how to get value from psychometric tests

2 Nov 2009

Psychometric testing is an increasingly popular tool in many situations, from recruitment to redundancy – and everything in between.Different instruments exist...

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Know how to communicate pensions

12 May 2009

Utter the words ‘company pension plan’ to your staff, and you will receive a variety of reactions. Often, they will...

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Know how to handle the media

16 Apr 2009

In the good old days, journalists would only have wanted to speak to your chief executive or perhaps, at annual...

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Know how to manage survivor guilt

23 Mar 2009

Redundancy, threatened or real, is everywhere today. And its impact on the workplace extends far beyond those unfortunate people who...

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Know how to review your benefits strategy

4 Mar 2009

In benefits – as with everything these days – the bottom line comes first.
However much you want to spoil your staff...

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Know how to get value from your EAP

23 Jan 2009

The humble employee assistance programme (EAP) comes perilously close to what number crunchers might, in these straitened times, see as a...

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Know how to do background checks

21 Nov 2008

The need to check the background of job applicants couldn’t be more evident, yet it is often neglected. It may...

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Know how to keep staff engaged during a recession

8 Sep 2008

The recession shows no sign of abating. Jittery employees are looking over their shoulders, convinced that every envelope marked ‘internal’...

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Know how to handle a senior resignation

22 Jul 2008

There are some leaders who are so iconic that life without them would be unimaginable – and this is as true...

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