Annual hours

Annual hours are the total hours worked by an employee or worker in a calendar year.

Under an annualised hours contract, an employee's hours are expressed as a total number of hours to be worked during the course of the year. The hours actually worked are likely to fluctuate from week to week and month to month.

Pilots under pressure to fly when tired risking accidents

5 Oct 2009

Pilots are being put under pressure to fly when they are too tired, increasing the risk of a serious accident,...

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ECJ holiday ruling on sick staff on leave is bad news for employers

17 Sep 2009

The ECJ ruling which gives staff who fall sick during annual leave the right to carry over their holidays will be a pain.

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Annual leave should be carried over to next year when staff fall sick

16 Sep 2009

Employers should change their sick leave policies to allow annual leave to be carried forward into the next year, or...

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Staff who fall sick during annual leave entitled to retake holiday

11 Sep 2009

Workers who fall sick during annual leave should be allowed to take their holidays again even if it means allowing...

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BT plan to bring call-centre jobs back from India runs into trouble

1 Sep 2009

BT’s plans to return call-centre jobs to the UK from India could backfire as British staff are unwilling to work the...

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Council to use shorter working weeks to save jobs

19 Aug 2009

A council asking its staff to work reduced hours or take unpaid leave to save jobs has been applauded by...

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Government urged to encourage job shares and part-time working

28 Apr 2009

A campaign group has urged the government to step up efforts to encourage more job shares and part-time working hours...

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Unpaid overtime makes unlikely bedfellows of finance and garage workers

2 Mar 2009

Finance staff and garage workers are among those doing the most unpaid overtime hours during the recession, the TUC has...

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Flexible working grows up

12 Feb 2009

Plans to extend the right to request flexible working look set to go ahead. Peter Rabbitts, knowledge adviser at  Acas...

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Staff not being rewarded for working extra hours

18 Dec 2008

Nearly half of employers do not reward staff who work beyond their contracted hours, new research has revealed.A survey of...

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Short-time working: legal Q&A

13 Nov 2008

In today’s climate, many employers are looking to cut costs without actually making redundancies. A short-term solution worth considering is...

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Long-hours culture still a major issue for UK employees

3 Sep 2008

UK employees are still working some of the longest hours in Europe, according to a major study of working time...

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UK workers could save 55 hours a year with basic remote working

1 Sep 2008

People who commute by train to the UK’s largest cities outside London could save 55 hours a year – more...

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TUC champions Work Your Proper Hours Day

22 Feb 2008

Today marks the day when the average worker who does unpaid overtime effectively starts earning for themselves, according to the...

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Online survey finds British workers over-stretched and underwhelmed by long hours

6 Dec 2007

Four out of 10 British workers claim they work more than 60 hours a week, research has revealed.A study of...

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