Sick pay

Pay to be docked in sicknote culture clampdown

6 Dec 2004

Civil servants could have their pay docked for taking unwarranted sick leave as part of a clampdown on ‘sicknote culture’.Ministers...

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Retailers claim higher minimum wage will lead to job cuts

25 Oct 2004

UK retailers today warn that another rise in the National Minimum Wage (NMW) could lead to more than 20,000 jobs...

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‘When every step is agony, being able to take 20 less is remarkably close to heaven’

28 Sep 2004

Having survived a near-fatal accident, HR director at B&Q, Mike Cutt, explains how it feels to be on long-term sickness leave and on the receiving end of his company's HR policies

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Doctor, doctor

1 Jul 2004

Tesco is running trials to see how it can improve its unplanned absences. In the trials, which involve voluntary participation, the retailer is not paying for the first three days of a staff member's sickness. Here's what other HR professionals had to say on the subject.

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