The effect of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic on employment is huge, as employees are urged to self-isolate, people are told to avoid social contact, and businesses close their doors. The Covid-19 coronavirus, Ebola, MERS, SARS, swine flu and bird flu are all examples of infectious diseases that have had a significant impact on business travel or have led to public health policies that employers need to adhere to. This category also covers other infectious diseases that have affect workplace activities in the past as employers move to protect their staff from potential infection or deal with the fallout of large scale epidemics or pandemics.

Acas publishes coronavirus advice for employers

19 Feb 2020

Acas has published advice for employers on dealing with the new coronavirus outbreak, including how to handle employees who have...

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JCB factory

JCB cuts workers’ hours as coronavirus hits supply chain

14 Feb 2020

JCB is set to cut hours and production as the coronavirus outbreak affects component supply from China.

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Coronavirus: Employers ‘quarantining’ own staff before trade show

7 Feb 2020

Employers are quarantining their own staff as the coronavirus outbreak...

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Top 10 HR questions January 2020: Coronavirus and Brexit

7 Feb 2020

What steps should employers take to manage the coronavirus outbreak?
At the start of the new year, employers have been...

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How employers should respond to the coronavirus outbreak

7 Feb 2020

Organisations must monitor employees' travel plans and ensure discrimination does not occur in the face of the coronavirus threat.

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‘Don’t panic’ about coronavirus, occupational health practitioners told

5 Feb 2020

A leading occupational health professional has urged practitioners to take the lead in reassuring employers and employees who may be...

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Coronavirus: Cathay Pacific employees asked to take unpaid leave

5 Feb 2020

Cathay Pacific Airways has asked its employees to take three weeks’ unpaid leave after it was forced to cut 90%...

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Coronavirus arrives in the UK

30 Jan 2020

Aircraft from Wuhan with 110 passengers due to arrive in UK at 1.30pm - passengers set for 14 days' quarantine.

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Coronavirus: employers urged to avoid business travel

23 Jan 2020

Employers should postpone or cancel business travel to the region of China that has been hit by an outbreak of...

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Occupational health research round-up: February 2019

1 Feb 2019

Work-related cancers cost billions
Occupational cancers account for more than 100,000 deaths a year in the European Union, according to...

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Zika virus and business travel : six duty of care actions for employers

1 Dec 2016

As evidence of the effect of the Zika virus grows, employers must address their responsibilities. Dr Jonathan O’Keeffe explains.

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How to avoid the risks associated with business travel

1 Sep 2016

What preparations should companies make to cut down on the risks associated with business travel? Rob Walker, of International SOS...

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How can HR protect the safety of globally mobile employees?

8 Jun 2016

Employees are posted to ever more countries, yet threats like natural disasters, terrorism and medical endemics loom large. What can...

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ebola outbreak

Ebola: Five best practices when planning for an outbreak

23 Feb 2016

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has changed the way society at large considers, prepares, plans and responds to health...

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Why healthcare workers need seasonal influenza vaccination

26 Aug 2015

Seasonal influenza vaccinations are important for healthcare workers in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Occupational health adviser Grant Ciccone...

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