Settlement agreements

A settlement agreement is a deal reached between an employer and employee to end the employment relationship on agreed terms and usually on a confidential basis. The employee agrees not to bring an employment tribunal or court claim about the issues covered in the settlement agreement, often in return for a compensation payment. Settlement agreements were previously known as compromise agreements.

Sir Philip Green named as businessman in sexual and racial harassment scandal

25 Oct 2018

Billionaire named as the man at the centre of the "British #MeToo" scandal...

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Government to examine use of NDAs in employment disputes

25 Oct 2018

Theresa May has said the government will bring forward a planned consultation on the use of non-disclosure agreements in employment...

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Top 10 HR questions August 2018 – Brexit and executive pay ratios

4 Sep 2018

While progress has been made in some areas of the Brexit negotiations, including agreement on the rights of EU citizens...

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Workplace protected conversations shield cannot be waived

12 Sep 2016

In DLA Piper’s latest case report, the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) confirmed the privilege that applies to protected conversations cannot...

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Employment law in France: five fascinating features

8 Jul 2016

What are the key things international employers need to know about employment law in France? Laura Merrylees looks at five...

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Managing poor performance at work: five common scenarios for HR

26 Jan 2016

Managing poor performance is rarely simple or swift, particularly for those employers with detailed capability procedures in place. Huw Cooke...

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The 2015 HR quiz of the year

16 Dec 2015

All up to date with employment law? Have your finger on the pulse of best HR practice? Then take our...

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settlement agreements

Settlement agreements: how to satisfy the employee while keeping costs down

8 Sep 2015

Keeping down the costs of settlement agreements is difficult, but there are ways to make the package attractive to the ...

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Responding to an employment tribunal claim - form ET3

Responding to an employment tribunal claim: five tips for employers

23 Jul 2015

When an employer receives an employment tribunal claim, it needs to act quickly and carefully to put itself in the...

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Most employers have used settlement agreements, XpertHR survey finds

20 May 2015

Most employers have signed a settlement agreement with an employee over the past year, but only a small minority use...

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HR can change the face of public spending, says TaxPayers’ Alliance

21 Apr 2015

Jonathan Isaby, CEO of the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA), wants to see an end to excessive public-sector payoffs. HR can deliver...

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Acas settlements

Majority of employers pay Acas settlements “without enforcement”

6 Feb 2015

More than nine Acas-mediated settlements in 10 were paid in full without needing to resort to enforcement procedures, new research ...

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settlement agreements

Settlement agreements: practical tips on making them work

22 Oct 2014

One year on from the introduction of “pre-termination negotiations” and the change from compromise agreements to “settlement agreements”, how can...

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Does the costly BBC case shed light on when to settle tribunal claims?

24 Sep 2014

A recent tribunal where the former BBC technology chief was found to be unfairly dismissed ended up costing the corporation...

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Top 10 HR questions in June 2014: World Cup and Wimbledon

2 Jul 2014

With hindsight, perhaps “How should employers deal with large numbers of employees wanting to cancel holiday booked to watch the England v Costa Rica match?” would have been a ...

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