Selecting apprentices: lessons we can learn from Germany

14 Mar 2016

As National Apprenticeship Week begins, Howard Grosvenor looks at how German companies are selecting apprentices by supporting candidates to identify...

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Managing young people: the business where most employees retire at 20

9 Mar 2016

How do you manage a workforce that by its very nature needs to move on at 20?

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Employee engagement: are confusion and ambiguity hindering success?

9 Mar 2016

There’s a lot of noise about employee engagement but not a great deal of clarity, argues Jo Harley. How can...

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The living wage vs national living wage – do you understand the difference?

Living wage vs national living wage: government branding only fuels confusion

1 Mar 2016

As research from XpertHR reveals that four in 10 employers do not understand...

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Three key principles for gender pay transparency

26 Feb 2016

Due to the upcoming reporting legislation, employers are beginning to embrace their responsibilities on addressing gender pay equality. Ruth Thomas...

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“Now wash your hands”: Three ways to look at employee engagement

17 Feb 2016

We can really over-engineer things in HR. The jargon, the models of engagement, the diagnostics. Are we creating a veneer...

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How to manage career FOMO: fear of missing out

14 Dec 2015

Workplaces are changing, but we need to address our attitudes towards traditional career development. The CIPD’s Claire McCartney looks at...

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How can the gender balance in engineering be improved?

4 Dec 2015

Despite a raft of initiatives, there still aren’t enough women entering the engineering profession. Charlie Weatherhogg, HR director of infrastructure...

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Flexible working: let workers switch off over Christmas

3 Dec 2015

How many of us will really switch off this Christmas (and that means turning off the smartphone, not just taking...

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Four ways to build engagement through storytelling

25 Nov 2015

Storytelling is about much more than telling a good tale – it can engender strong emotional connections from employees and...

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“If you don’t like it here… f*** off”, and other management traits

24 Nov 2015

It might sound aggressive, but an “in-your-face” management style can work in certain environments. But which management traits help to...

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Employee engagement: are your happy workers disengaged?

17 Nov 2015

It trips businesses up when they get engagement and happiness confused, warns change specialist Penny Loveless. She considers the barriers...

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Unlock leadership potential to create high-performing teams

13 Nov 2015

Chris Henderson, author of leadership book JUMP! identifies six “game-changing conversations” every leadership team should have to improve their organisation’s...

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Law firm: how we made flexible working work

30 Oct 2015

Despite a raft of legislation supporting employees to request flexible working, some employers are still reluctant to look at new...

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Shared grandparental leave could stop fathers playing a greater role in parenting. Voisin/Phanie/REX Shutterstock

Shared grandparental leave risks dads missing out – Jo Swinson

6 Oct 2015

George Osborne’s announcement that working grandparents will be eligible to shared parental leave entitlement looks like a progressive move, but...

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