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The emerging people strategy and what it means for HR (webinar)

ON-DEMAND | This webinar, in association with Sage People looks at how HR leaders are adapting in this new world. What does it mean for managing workforces today?

Strategies for upskilling your workforce in a changing world (webinar)

3 Jun 2020

ON-DEMAND | This Personnel Today webinar in association with Degreed ...

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Financial wellbeing: why the time to act is now (webinar)

29 Apr 2020

ON-DEMAND | Why financial wellbeing is more important than ever and how businesses can create a living and breathing financial wellbeing strategy...

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Top tips on creating an LGBT-inclusive workplace (webinar)

3 Dec 2019

Many employers are keen to create an LGBT-inclusive workplace and will have taken initial steps towards this, such as adopting...

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30 years in HR: How careers have changed and where they’re heading next – on-demand webinar

11 Apr 2018

How are organisations changing and what does it mean for HR? More importantly, what does it mean for your HR...

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Improving your gender pay gap – delivering diversity in leadership teams (on-demand webinar)

26 Mar 2018

Rob Moss, is joined by two speakers. Charlotte Sweeney is a well-known expert and author in diversity and inclusion, who...

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Skills-based volunteering can boost employee engagement

24 Feb 2018

With younger employees increasingly believing business should be a force for good, Bruce McCombie from Pilotlight looks at how skills-based...

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Getting to grips with new technology: A guide to best-practice HR software implementation on-demand webinar

27 Aug 2017

This Personnel Today webinar, sponsored by Cascade HR, looks at how HR professionals can achieve true transformation when implementing sophisticated...

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Maternity, paternity and shared (grand)parental leave – on-demand webinar

9 Oct 2016

This live Personnel Today webinar, in association with Cascade HR Software, looks at all types of parental leave.
As well...

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Leave and absence: managing attendance fairly on-demand webinar

12 Jun 2016

This Personnel Today webinar, in association with Cascade HR, looks at the legal and practical aspects of various types...

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The Digital Tribe: why it’s everyone, not just millennials on-demand webinar

6 Jun 2016

This Personnel Today webinar, in association with Oracle, will explore the impact that digital progress is having on employers and...

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Buying HR software: the definitive guide for employers on-demand webinar

10 Nov 2015

You may be making initial steps towards purchasing new HR software and do not know where to start. Or you...

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Active steps beyond measuring employee engagement on-demand webinar

3 Nov 2015

Despite most organisations recognising that employee engagement is a problem, some still find it difficult to go much further than...

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Selecting HR software: what you need to know about technology on-demand webinar

26 Oct 2015

Cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) are now common phrases in the technology world, but what do they really mean for...

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An A to Z of legal changes 2015/16: Your questions answered

19 Oct 2015

XpertHR’s webinar An A to Z of legal changes 2015/16 took employers through recent and upcoming developments in employment law....

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